Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Concert Calendar: Flight of the Conchords, Kings of Leon, The Walkmen

Who: Flight of the Conchords
Where: Dodge Theatre
When: 7:00 PM
Cost: $35.50
Why: A few years back a friend of mine introduced me to Flight of the Conchords by playing me a song that was on the bands Myspace page. That song was "Albi The Racist Dragon" and I was immediately hooked on the New Zealand folk-comedy duo. Several years later FOTC have one of the funniest shows on HBO and they're playing tonight at Dodge Theatre. If your a fan of the show then you probably know what to expect tonight but if not, take my word for it and go see this show.

Who: Kings of Leon, The Walkmen
Where: Mesa Amphitheatre
When: 7:00 PM
Cost: Sold Out
Why: I, like a lot of Kings of Leon fans, were let down by Kings of Leon's latest album Only by the Night. Phoenix New Times blogger Michael Lopez wrote a great article last week that pretty much nails the dissapoinment felt by long time fans. Don't get me wrong, I think the bands success is well earned, it's just too bad it couldn't have been for one of their better albums. Even still, I'd love to see this show just in the hopes that the band will play some of their older tunes. The show is also worth the price of admission just to see opening band The Walkmen, whose 2008 album You & Me was one of my favorite albums of the year.