Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mp3: The Mountain Goats - "Genesis 3:23"

The Mountain Goats will be releasing a new album this October. Here is what the record label has to say about the new record:

"4AD is excited to release the new album by THE MOUNTAIN GOATS, which is John Darnielle, Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster. The Life Of The World To Come was recorded this spring and features string arrangements by Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy). it will be released on October 6th. Less a profession of religious faith than an immersion in Biblical poetry and imagery, the songs on The Life of the World to Come take their names from verses that informed or inspired them, or which, sometimes, came up against them at right angles.

John Darnielle is one of the most imaginative lyricists of his generation. Since he sat down cross-legged with an acoustic guitar in front of a boom box and pressed record for the first time - more than a decade ago - skewed characters, vibrant images and perfectly-framed narratives have flowed in the hundreds. The Life Of The World To Come is the band's sixth album for 4AD."

You can take a listen to the first single from the new album, "Genesis 3:23" below.

The Mountain Goats -
"Genesis 3:23"