Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video: RENMINBI "Set Up"

RENMINBI made a video. RENMINBI emailed me the video. RENMINBI is featured throughout the video. RENMINBI recorded the song they are playing IN the video. I hope you picking up what I am putting down hear people...RENMINBI are a talented bunch of folks from NYC that I have already advised you to check out HERE so if you were to lazy then, perhaps after watching the above musical video will entice you to seek further listening enjoyment via their freely available EP entitled Surface that is for free, and really good. If you live in the East Coast area of American States it would be in your best interest to search out a live performance. It will be similar to the video but you will be able meet them probably...if you ask nice.

Check out their tour dates HERE


Anonymous said...

This album from Renminbi looks amazing!

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