Friday, July 17, 2009

Video: Grizzly Bear - "Ready, Able" (Live on David Letterman)

I was more than a little bummed that I had to miss Wilco and Grizzly Bear last month in Tucson. Sure, I missed the show because I was having a new baby, but still!

Normally, I'd say something like 'well, at least this video of Grizzly Bear performing on David Letterman to hold me over,' but f-that. I want a time machine so I can go back and go that show in Tucson. That probably wouldn't be the smartest use of a time machine, I know, but I'm a simple man with simple needs.

Grizzly Bear just announced a brand new tour and we've still got no Phoenix dates scheduled. I have tweeted Ed Droste to see if he can squeeze in a Phoenix date but as of yet I haven't got back. I'm sure he's working on it though.