Friday, August 21, 2009

Video: Dan Deacon - "Paddling Ghost"

I've been meaning to tell my story about Dan Deacon for a while now but could never really find the right opportunity. Now that we're posting the video for his song "Paddling Ghost" I figure now is as good a time as ever.

A few months back Dan Deacon was going to play a show at The Clubhouse in Tempe. My fellow blogger, Shawn, being ever so media savvy decided to e-mail around to see if we could get in to take some photos of the show. Dan Deacon's tour manager said all was good and we could get in free of charge. You can check out Shawn's photos of the show here.

When we got to the show we introduced ourselves to Dan Deacon's tour manager, who was a very nice lady, and much to our surprise she asked if we'd be interested in doing an interview. My initial reaction was no. Not because I wasn't interested in meeting Dan Deacon, mind you, but because we were both completely unprepared to do an interview. But before I could graciously decline, Shawn, giddy as a school girl jumped at the opportunity.

Shawn was pretty confident that we could just wing it through the interview but I wasn't so sure.

Immediately, I start racking my brain for questions to ask that will not make us look like total retards.

Then, out of the corner of my eye I see Dan Deacon start to walk towards us. I start to freak but try to keep my cool. Shawn, meanwhile, is cool as a cucumber about the whole thing. We introduce ourselves and shake hands and make with the "I love your new album."

Ultimately, the whole thing was as huge a cluster fuck as you might expect. Luckily it was over quick. After I asked him if him being from Baltimore meant he was a big fan of The Wire I think he had had enough of us and asked where he could get some good food.

To this day any time I read an interview with Dan Deacon I always look for the question about his worst interview ever and him calling us out. Which is cool as long as he mentions the site by name and we get some extra traffic out of the deal.