Monday, August 24, 2009

Kia Soul: event with Miniature Tigers, Dear and the Headlights and The Secret Machines

So Kia...the maker of fine Korean cars with 10 year warranties (that you will need since they are worth $5 as soon as you drive them off the lot ;-...just kidding Kia's are awesome) have put together a promotional tour called The Soul Collective that is hitting some of the major cities across the US, with each city getting 4 days of Kia Soul test drives and 4 days of free concerts. Each stop has a whole new group of bands so its really only the cars that are going on tour and not the bands. The Phoenix stop has two hometown favorites on Saturday (Miniature Tigers and Dear and the Headlights) and surprisingly good Against Me! on Sunday with the Secret Machines starting things of Thursday with an invite only special even that you can RSVP for by clicking HERE So get to registering and we will see you these...My driving skills are pretty awesome so when you the bearded fat guy doing burn outs in the parking lots it's probably going to be me.