Monday, September 14, 2009

Video: Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - "Empire State of Mind" (Live @ 2009 MTV VMAs)

I don't remember when exactly I swore off the awfulness that is the MTV Video Music Awards but it's been a few years. Of course, every year I decide that I'll give it another chance and without fail I'm reminded why I hate MTV. Last night was no exception. The pre-show where the endlessly hyped the fact that they were showing a brand new trailer for New Moon was excruciating, Russel Brand was awful, and Lady Gaga just looked ridiculous.

Admittedly, there is usually at least one good live performance that manages to come out of that hot mess of a show. This year, as I figured it would be, was Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performing "Empire State of Mind" off of Jay-Z's Blueprint 3. I'm totally digging this album, and this track is my hands down favorite. Alicia Keys chorus on this song is flawless and makes me want to immediately book a ticket to NYC.

Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 is available now on Jay's label Rocnation.