Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Music Tuesday: The Flaming Lips, Thao, Neon Indian, Andrew Jackson Jihad

Obviously the big huge release this week is Embryonic via The Flaming Lips, and it deserves to be because it is fucking awesome and great...but there are also some other really good albums coming out today. And it is kinda nice that there isn't a shit ton as many coming out this week as there has been for the last month or so... so why don't you just go ahead and buy them all then? Don't be a loser, your hard drive can take it.

The Flaming Lips - Embryonic
Thao - Know Better Learn Faster
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Can't Maintain
Fanfarlo - Reservoir
Imaad Wasif - The Voidist
Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms
MV&EE - Barn Nova

The Flaming Lips "Convinced of the Hex" opening track from Embryonic


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