Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Music Tuesday: Tegan and Sara, Swell Season, Devendra Banhart, Broadcast and More

Well this week doesn't bring us 862 new albums but the ones that ARE coming out today have a certain panache to them that tickles my twin fetish gene... Tegan & Sara I don't really have one of those so you can totally come over whenevs and just chill.

If you like Wilco (or fucking LOVE them) and have a record player and some extra cash then purchasing the reissue of Being There on super thick n' heavy 180 gram vinyl sounds like something a person of your tastes would be into in a major way.Check out the full list of new releases (I could find) after the break/Tegan & Sara song...


Sainthood by Tegan and Sara
Strict Joy by The Swell Season
What Will We Be (Limited Edition) by Devendra Banhart
Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Wich Cults of by Broadcast
Being There (2 LP 180g vinyl with bonus CD) by Wilco
Butter by Hudson Mohawke
Lights Out Zoltar! by Gemma Ray
Idol Omen by Glass Ghost
Notes to an Absent Lover by Barzin
A Parallax I by James Husband
Open Hearts by Longcut