Friday, November 13, 2009

MODIFEST This Weekend!

Well as some or all or none of you may know Modifest is this weekend. What is Modifest you ask? It's three days of awesome local bands playing at the soon to be "different" Modified Arts all for charity.

This really is a "whos who" of the Phoenix scene. Every night is jam packed with tasty goodness and only costs $5 per night, even though they should have sold a 3 day pass for $12 or something to entice people to come all 3 nights, and if they don't....eff them, they already paid! But who the hell am I? (PS Kimber it's NOT to late!)

Here is a break down of all three night with fancy links to each bands Myspace page so you can hear more if you are unfamiliar:

Friday the Thirteenth
Black Carl
Treasure Mammal
Soft Drink
Liar's Handshake
Michelle Blades

Saturday the Fourteenth
What Laura Says
Matthew Reveles
Yellow Minute
Farewell Review
So and So (No link could be found, please send one over if you can)

Sunday the Fifteenth
Dry River Yacht Club
The Whisperlights
Dust Jacket
Dakota Jeane and Sister Cities
You, Me and Apollo