Monday, November 9, 2009

Tiny Vipers Do Daytrotter

Illustration by Johnnie Cluney

Daytrotter to me symbolizes what is awesome about the internet. They are like a really cool older brother that is always banging hot chicks. Except instead of hot chick (sometimes they ARE hot chicks) awesome bands and instead of banging (they might be also banging) they are recording intimate live sessions. So here is another Daytrotter sessions from Tiny Vipers who is beloved by music critics all over the world and will probably be super alt famous one day. I posted ALL the songs from the sessions because you know that stealing from your older brother is just what little bastards like us do. But you should really check out the source for a great article HERE.

Tiny Vipers -
"Time Takes/CM" (Daytrotter Session)

Tiny Vipers -
"Slow Motion" (Daytrotter Session)

Tiny Vipers -
"Development" (Daytrotter Session)