Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today/Tonight in Phoenix: RIver Jones Pres "The Final Folk Fest" @ Modified

The last time we spoke was Wednesday and within an hour of that post I felt that familiar tickle in the back of my throat that lets you know that you are about to get hella fucking sick. And so it was... I was pretty much bed ridden from Wed afternoon till this morning, so if anything cool happened since then I am sorry for missing it. But today on the other hand is going to be awesome! My old friend River Jones is throwing another (and last) Folk Festival at Modified Arts today. You will be able to visually and aurally experience many many musical artists in their natural habitat. For you pleasure and convenience I have listed most of them all below. The whole shebang get's started and noon and goes till question marks and only costs $8, so assuming it goes till 8pm that is only $1 per hour, but if it ends at 1:22 I will feel cheated. 

What Laura Says
Courtney Andrews
The Pioneers of Prime Time Tv
You, Me, and Apollo
Michelle Blades
Tobie Millford
Steff Koeppen
In Symmetry
Bradley and the Materials
Owl & Penny
Juliet Piper
Jake Greider