Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Electric Mustache!

This post is special for two reasons 1) this is our 1,000th post and 2) today is our birthday.  It is also the first of what I hope are many more posts to come where we feature a picture of Chuck Norris with no shirt on. But lets not get off topic.  Hard to believe that we started this site one year ago today.  When Shawn suggested that we take our mutual love of music to the interwebs and start a music blog I was doubtful that it would be much of a success.  There are literally thousand and thousands of music blogs on the internet and it is next to impossible to get noticed.  But Shawn, ever the optimist, convinced me otherwise.  Next thing you know we had our first post on the site and one year later and we're the fourth most popular indie music blog in Phoenix!

But we couldn't have reached that level of success on our own and so we wanted to thank a few people for being awesome and helping us out during the first year:

Thanks To:
  • Stateside Presents and Psyko Steve for generally just being awesome and also for letting us come to their shows and take pictures.
  • Martin Cizmar and Phoenix New Times for enjoying what we do and linking to our posts.
  • Kevin Murphy of for just being an all around cool guy.
  • All the people who follow us on Twitter
  • Natalie Portman.  You are my inspiration every day.
I'm sure I forgot some people and if I did I apologize.  If it makes you feel any better Shawn will yell at me later for forgetting you.  But super big thanks to all the people who read our blog on the regular.  Shawn and I both do this because we love music and it's a lot of fun (not to mention we get free shit every now and then) but it's an added bonus to know there are some people out there who like what we do. 



Kevin said...

Awwww, thanks for the shout. Happy birthday.

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