Thursday, January 7, 2010

mp3: Jack Splash f. Cee Lo "38 Special"

I am not going to sit right in front of you in your computer screen and lie to you. I up until 5 mins ago had never heard of Jack Splash. But according to some quotes that may or may not be true he is "The Next Prince" and "The Future of Music". I guess this song is alright and all but it's no Darling Nikki that's for damn sure. Cee-Lo is the best part of this whole song right? Oh and is it just me or does Jack Splash look a whole hell of a lot like Danger Mouse? I think Cee-Lo has a fetish he ain't talkin' about... or maybe he does? I wouldn't know, we are no longer on speaking terms after what happened in the back of the limo last time we went out for waffles together.

Jack Splash f. Cee Lo -
"38 Special"