Monday, January 4, 2010

I Am Super Excited For Sleigh Bells

 I have been meaning to write something on Sleigh Bells for awhile now but thought that it would be weird to do right around xmas, because I am lazy around christmas and not because of their name. You may have already heard about them from Stereogum or PFORKS, because they made quite a splash at last years CMJ in their hometown of NYC so that means that they are going to be this years blogbuzzy band with everybody anticipating their album for months to come (and tour that will hopefully come to Phx) and they have out out a couple demos.

I for one think they are great but some people don't like them, the same people that think Micachu is the best thing since boners, so it really makes no sense to me but oh well. I still love that time I was in my car and Infinity Guitars (listen below) came on and I was all like "OMG it's Sleigh Bells... on the RADIO!" but then I realized I was listing to Sirius and they play that stuff all the time.

NON LIVE MP3 Version

Sleigh Bells - "Infinity Guitars"