Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Music Tuesday: Midlake, The Soft Pack, Toro Y Moi

Another great week for new releases I am gonna go ahead an recommend Midlake, Toro Y Moi, The Soft Pack and We Are Wolves.... with a side of Pale White Moon .

The Album Leaf: A Chorus of Storytellers
Alexander Tucker: Grey Onion
The Brunettes: Paper Dolls
FM Belfast: How to Make Friends
Glossary: Feral Fire
Husky Rescue: Ship of Light
Midlake: The Courage of Others
Monolake: Silence
Mount Eerie: Black Wooden
Pale White Moon: Call of the Wolf Peach
Passion Pit: Chunk of Change EP
Scuba: Sub: Stance
The Soft Pack: The Soft Pack
Sono: Plus
Sourpatch: Crushin
U.S. Girls: Go Grey
Vedera: Stages
Blind Man's Colour: Wooden Blankets
Toro Y Moi: Causers of ThisWe Are Wolves: Invisible Violence