Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pearly Gate Music Did Daytrotter

If you were one of the lucky/smart people to go to the J. Tillman show at Modified Arts last year and you go there early enough your ears would have been treated to J. Tillman's younger brother aka Pearly Gate Music. If you were NOT one of those fortunate people you HAVE to check him out and what better way than a nice Daytrotter Session. Listen to "Daddy Wrote You Letters" below and head on over to Daytrotter to read the article and another track. But also check out Pearly Gate Music's mySpace page for even more songs... you are going to love it, or not I guess, you might hate it or maybe just be indifferent. But if you don't love it I am taking you off of my "sex dreams list" for at least a week.


Pearly Gate Music - "Daddy Wrote You Letters"