Monday, February 1, 2010

Remember When Kings of Leon Were Good?

Like a lot of people, but not that many, I started listening to Kings of Leon circa 2003 and thought they were awesome. THEN sometime around their 3rd album in 2007 they got a "makeover" and became really shitty. Go ahead and watch the video for "The Bucket" then look at this picture of them now.

I don't have a problem with bands "selling out" to make some extra cash (what else are they going to do, sell records?). Like Wilco and the VW commercials or Starfucker (now called Pyramid) in the Target commercial. But they didn't change what made them good in the first place... things like actually being good. Whatevs, I just wanted to point out that Kings of Leon used to be good and now they suck. Thanks for reading and please carry on with your day.

PS... If I was in a band I would TOTALLY sell out. I would do porn, assassinate people using our touring schedule as a front. I would do all sorts of things for cash. I would even wear clothes from the Kings of Leon fashion collection.