Monday, February 8, 2010

Video: Neon Indian "Deadbeat Summer" on Laundro Matinee

Is it just me or does this just not sound very good? And it also sounds just like they sounded live when I saw them last year. So maybe Neon Indian are just not very good live? I don't like to be a "negative nancy" (on this blog at least) but I think Alan and pals need to spend some more time in the practice studio OR maybe I am just being a jerk? I do love the album so don't think this is some sort of "chillwave backlash" because it's not. This is just good old fashioned "meh".  In fact when I reviewed the show last year I made a big stink about how it kinda sucked but I blamed that on my own personal "bad day" I was having, but I think I might have been wrong... I think it WAS them. DUN DUN DUN!


Sam Greene said...

They don't use electronic drums live and the drummer is bashing on the cymbals like a retar.....I mean idiot. Everything else sounds pretty similar to the album excerpt I just listened to. I rate it a meh as well...but I also didn't really like the album cut either.

Unknown said...

Watch out now... we don't want Sarah Palin on our asses ;-) And the other part that kinda sucks is the backing vocals. He should just fire the band and go it alone.

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