Monday, February 8, 2010

New MGMT Album This April


During an interview with MTV recently MGMT let it slip that we could see a new album from them as soon as this April.   And now that there is a clock counting down to April 13th, which is a Tuesday by the way, on MGMT's website it seems to be pretty much confirmed at this point.  

Normally, I don't post much about new album releases until I have at least a mp3 or video to go with it but I thought this would be worth mentioning for one reason: I am so sick of the song "Kids" by MGMT that I'm hoping a new album worth of material will convince people to stop playing that song. 

Don't get me wrong folks, MGMT's album Oracular Spectacular was a good if not great album.  And the song "Kids" was alright the first hundred times I heard it.  But since its 2007 release I have heard the song "Kids" ad nauseum.  I know I use our very own Edge, er uh, X 103.9 as a punching bag quite often but it's a fact that they play that song so often that I want to I stab my ear drums every time it comes on.  It's not even the best song on the album, you guys, c'mon!

So, MGMT, if you're reading this, and I hope you are, please, please, please make a good album so that radio stations not just here but everywhere will put that awful song to bed.