Friday, March 19, 2010

Video: Arctic Monkeys "My Propeller"

I really, really liked the first two albums from Arctic Monkeys, but the bands last album Humbug just didn't grab me at all. The song "Cornerstone" was a decent enough track but the rest of the album, including this song "My Propeller", were just disappointing.

Not only are the songs disappointing but all of the videos for the songs have been really boring. Which is really too bad because I have always considered the Arctic Monkeys to be a really good video band. Some of my favorite music videos like "Fluorescent Adolescent", "Leave Before The Lights Come On" and "When The Sun Goes Down" all come from the Arctic Monkeys. It's a real bummer. Personally, though probably incorrectly, I'm pointing the finger at Josh Homme who produced the record.

Humbug is out now on Domino. You can catch the Arctic Monkeys in Tempe when they play Marquee Theater on April 15th.