Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tonight In Tempe: Dry River Yacht Club Spring Festival

Starting in two hours is THE place to be today. FOURTEEN of the best bands in the Phoenix area in one place for only 10 American Dollars! And you even get Dry River Yacht Club's new album so really it's like they are paying you to have fun. Granted you will probably spend $600 on drinks if you stay for the whole 12 hours but it's not like you have anything better to spend that money on... well a new liver I guess but that is a whole "chicken and egg" thing that I just don't have the energy to get into.

There is going to be a raffle too I hear. Who doesn't love a raffle?* Check out links to the line up below.

Finding Grampa's Monsters
Los Guys
Mojo Farmers
Hot Birds
Strange Young Things
Sugar Thieves
Jake Payne
Yellow Minute
What Laura Says
Matthew Reveles
Black Carl
Dry River Yacht Club

*Communists HATE raffles.