Monday, April 19, 2010

Tonight In The Valley: Beach House Bachelorette & The Middle East | Japandroids & Avi Buffalo

Well tonight's "BIG NIGHT" isn't as big as it was going to be but it's still pretty big. As I am sure everybody has already heard Frightened Rabbit is stuck in Europe due to the Icelandic volcano (that I am sure was caused by Bjork's bloodlust for our eyes) and obviously won't be playing at The Clubhouse. SOOOO Stateside moved the Beach House show from The Rhythm Room to The Clubhouse, keeping previous Frightened Rabbit support The Middle East on to open for Beach House. Then since The Rhythm Room was available Japandroids & Avi Buffalo were moved from The Trunk Space. This has had the bonus effect of opening up more tickets to the previously sold out Beach House show and even though the Japandroids weren't yet sold out if last weeks turnout for Deer Tick at The Trunk Space was any indication I bet it would have gotten pretty crowed. So a move to The Rhythm Room will give a lot more people a better view and a slightly better sound situation ;-)

All of this shuffling totally crushes my plan of heading to The Trunk Space to see Avi Buffalo before heading to The Rhythm Room to see Beach House so I will just have to take this out on those goddamn Frightened Rabbits if they even decide to come back. But until then I will see you at The Clubhouse, don't mind the fat bearded dude with the camera shoving his way to the front... That's just me.