Friday, May 21, 2010

mp3: Talib Kweli "Papers Please"

So unless you've been living in a cave for the past month or so then you're probably aware of the new anti-immigration law recently passed in Arizona. SB 1070 has caused quite an uproar both locally and nationally. The retarded new immigration law has even caught the attention of rapper Talib Kweli (a personal favorite of mine) who put together a pretty awesome protest song entitled "Papers Please."

You can listen to and download the track down below.

Talib Kweli -
"Papers Please"

Speaking of protest songs against SB 1070, the Phoenix New Times music blog Up On The Sun recently put out a call to local musicians to contribute songs to a compilation album they put together that features songs in protest of SB 1070. The compilation A Line in the Sand features some really great tracks from local artists including Andrew Jackson Jihad, Kirkwood Dellinger, DFactor, The Haymarket Squares and others.

Personally, I really dig the track "Immigration Clampdown" from DFactor but there are several really good tracks on the album. To read more about the album check out Up On The Sun here.

(via: Nah Right)