Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth + Nurses @ The Rhythm Room 05/04/2010


The Tallest Man on Earth

Imagine me delivering a heartfelt apology and you accepting it.

I'm apologizing for forces beyond my control, the damaging results of Murphy's law and my impulse to weaken at the knees at the sound of live music. In other words, I didn't get any good pictures (see above) from The Tallest Man on Earth and Nurses show. 

What follows may be a series of excuses weaved into a "concert review," but please bear with me.  
First off, the venue was packed. I can't confirm if the show sold out, but I know that I was scrambling to find tickets hours before the show.

Nurses opened with a great set. I don't know if people in the audience knew who they were, but they're the primary reason I went to the show (shhh). They flowed from song to song and the set was over before anyone knew it. 

Then Kristian Matsson (THE Tallest Man on Earth) came out. Almost immediately after the performance started, I found myself in a trance, sleep paralysis, minus the sleep. Kristian stepped on every inch of the stage and gave (wild) eye contact to every person in the crowded venue. 

All swooning aside, the show was amazing.

If the audience were writing this review I have a feeling they'd say (because I heard people make these statements during the show) that The Tallest Man on Earth was NOT the tallest man on earth but "more like The Most ADORABLE Man on The Earth" and Kristian did not deliver an exciting, theatrical performance but instead, "the sleepiest show" they'd ever been to. 

Did I need proof that everything made in Sweden (IKEA, The Knife, JJ, Robyn, Lykke Li, etc.) is on point? No, I already knew that. Kristian was just further proof that everything from Sweden: delectable.

Consider the lack of pictures a whip snapping across the derrières of those who did not attend. Plain and simple: You missed out. Do yourself a favor and pull it together before FUCKED UP gets here.