Thursday, June 10, 2010

Introducing Sorry Charlie

So here is the totally unnecessary story of how I met Dominic from Sorry Charlie...

I was at the Beach House show a few months ago with my camera and he walked up to me and asked something like "Are you important?" I said "No, no I am not even close to resembling anything close to important!". But, being the shameless bastard that I am "mentioned" something about ElectricMustache. He wasted no time in whipping a demo CD out of his back pocket. I promised him I would listen to it then as you might expect I lost it in my car on the way home. Well I found it last night and I listened to it. Guess what? I love it. I am not going to spend a bunch of time describing it to you because this is the internet and you can listen to it yourself but I like it and I hope you do too.*

Sorry Charlie -
"Thousand Times Before"

Sorry Charlie -
"All The While"

Sorry Charlie -
"She Loves You" (Beatles Cover)

*That is sincere as it's going to get around here folks!