Wednesday, June 9, 2010

mp3: Wavves "Post Acid"

"I am so fucking jacked!" Wavves 2010

I guess I really like this new Wavves song. I really like Wavves and all the things Wavves stand for. I especially love Mt. Dew, not the actual drink but the XTREME lifestyle they portray in their commercials. Do they still do that? I don't watch commercials anymore because of DVR's so I am not really sure. So maybe I really like the EXTREME Mt. Dew lifestyle from the late 90's Nu Metal golden age. I guess since they are signing Neon Indian and Wavves to record deals now they are more of a chilled out lofi chillwave lifestyle promoter rather than a "date raping on a skydiving snowboard" vibe. Code Red Diet Mt. Dew DOES go great with a shit ton of weed right?