Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Music Tuesday: Born Ruffians,Elk City,Sleigh Bells, Tift Merritt

I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend, hope you didn't get to drunk at your wine parties. Hope you went to a wine party (they are the best right?). Certainly some pretty good albums coming out today... such as, you can finally get Treats not from iTunes, so that is pretty cool for people that hate iTunes. Born Ruffians Say It is really good too. I like Elk City's name so I will probably listen to House of Tongues on Mog... assuming it's even on Mog! OK, I just checked, and it totally is on Mog. I heard that Tift Merritt's new album See You On The Moon is the bees knees so I will be checking that out, also on Mog. Just remember that today is about nurnsing your hang over and "going for the gold!", so what are you waiting for? GO FOR IT!

Born Ruffians: Say It
Coltrane Motion: Hello Ambition!
Common Prayer: There Is a Mountain
Funki Porcini: On
Gemma Ray: It's a Shame About Gemma Ray
Good Old War: Good Old War
Hooray for Earth: Momo
Jack Johnson: To the Sea
Land of Kush's Egyptian Light Orchestra: Monogamy
Mas Rapido: Dumb Is King!
Quitzow: Juice Water
Sleigh Bells: Treats
Television Personalities: A Memory Is Better Than Nothing
Tift Merritt: See You On The Moon
Trentemoller: Into the Great Wide Yonder
Unbunny: Moon Food
Woodsman: Mystery Tape