Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photos: Blitzen Trapper & The Moondoggies @ The Clubhouse 6/28/2010

Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-3

I have to be honest with you. Going into Monday nights Blitzen Trapper show at The Clubhouse I was a casual fan. I had listened to their new album Destroyer Of The Void maybe once, in the background not really paying attention. But after seeing them twice in one night (an acoustic set at Zia Records before the Clubhouse show) I am sold. They can now count me as a lifelong fan. They are just really fucking good, they are great live and I have now listened to Destroyer Of The Void about 8 times and count it as one of my favorite albums of the year. It's a pretty wonderful thing when you see a band you are not to familiar with in a live setting and they blow you away. It doesn't happen to often but it's what keeps me going to shows I guess.

The Moondoggies were pretty good too. They may have played a little to long for an opener but I would too if I were them.

Check out some pictures from both the Zia performance as well as The Clubhouse after the break and a few more on our Flickr page HERE

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The Moondoggies
The Moondoggies @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010The Moondoggies @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-3The Moondoggies @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-5The Moondoggies @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-3

Blitzen Trapper Tempe Zia Records "In Store"

Blitzen Trapper Zia In Store 6-28-2010-2Blitzen Trapper Zia In Store 6-28-2010-3Blitzen Trapper Zia In Store 6-28-2010-5

Blitzen Trapper
Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-2Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-2Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-7Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-8Blitzen Trapper @ The Clubhouse 6-28-2010-9