Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video: Andrew WK "I Want To See You Go Wild"

So yesterday Shawn and I went down the Vans Warped tour down at Cricket Wireless Pavillion. I know this doesn't seem like it would be our scene - and it wasn't, but we were there on business. Yes, it was too hot and except for a couple of older bands like Motion City Soundtrack and Sum 41 I wasn't all to familiar with too many bands on this years bill.

But it wasn't all bad. To be honest I kinda had a good time. The highlight for me being Andrew WK. Out of all the acts at this year's Warped Tour he was without a doubt the one I was most interested in seeing. And I was not dissapointed. The fact that it was almost 110 degrees outside did not stop this guy from going crazy on stage and putting on a great set.

Perhaps the only thing better than catching his set was actually meeting Andrew WK in person. I can't think of too many artists that would, after playing a super high energy set in the sweltering heat of an Arizona afternoon in June actually take the time to meet every single fan who stopped by his tent at Cricket Wireless Pavillion. But, sure enough he actually took the time out to sign autographs, take pictures and meet fans. Unlike most signings I've been to where you can only have the artist you are about to meet sign something you just bought or get charged $15 to take a picture he did all of this for free.

Just walk right up and meet Andrew WK. How awesome is that? If I wasn't sold on Andrew WK before (which I was anyways) I am now.

Check out Andrew WK's latest video for his song "I Want To See You Go Wild." Which like his actual stage performance is fucking batshit crazy.