Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Music Tuesday: Mini T's, Die Antwoord, Best Coast

Oh man it's a really solid week for the new music.

Despite what you may have heard from some other people, Crazy for You from Best Coast is really pretty great. Is it ground breaking or game changing? Nope. But it IS feel good "fuzzy buzzy" summertime pop music done really well.

The Mini T's highly anticipated FORTRESS is out today. Even if  you are totally butthurt that they relocated to Brooklyn I suggest you suck it up and check out the album and also go see them with Kinch at The Rhythm Room tonight.

Die Antwoord may or may not be legit, if fact they may even be as fake as my interest in your new album (just kidding your new album is GREAT!) but that doesn't make them any less fantastic. They are sooo fantastic. "Enter The Ninja"  is by far and away the best Rap song of the year, and maybe the best rap song ever! (by white South Africans at least)

Best Coast: Crazy for You
Bombay Bicycle Club: I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose
Butcher Holler: Butcher Holler: A Tribute to Loretta Lynn
Die Antwoord: 5 EP
Futurebirds: Hampton's Lullaby
Jaill: That's How We Burn
Jesca Hoop: Hunting My Dress
Jimmy Edgar: XXX
Loudon Wainwright III: 10 Songs for the New Depression
Madlib: Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz (Yesterday's New Quintet)
Major Lazer: Lazers Never Die EP
Mark Olson: Many Colored Kite
Menomena: Mines
Miniature Tigers: Fortress
Slum Village: Villa Manifesto
Social Studies: Wind Up Wooden Heart
Tony da Gatorra vs. Gruff Rhys: The Terror of Cosmic Loneliness
Young Galaxy: Invisible Republic