Monday, July 26, 2010

J. Tillman's New Album Will Probably Be Good... And Beardy

J Tillman @ Modified Arts 11-30-2009 (11 of 20)

Wow, J. Tillman has another album out already. Not a bad thing just a surprising thing is all. Actually it's NOT surprising. What is surprising is that he doesn't already have a couple out this year already.

Three Sisters is the first track released (maybe) from Singing Ax, out Sept 14th on Western Vinyl. He is going on a tour that isn't coming to Phoenix (or those Tucson bastards!), now that IS surprising since there was a pretty good turn out and a mighty favorable reception last year for his show at Modified.

Now we just need to get that new Fleet Foxes album before everyone's beard get to long to sing properly.

J. Tillman -
"Three Sisters"