Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Music Tuesday: John Lennon, The Gay Blades, Marnie Stern, SOARS

image courtesy of Chris Langer Photography

In memorial of the loss of Mike's gallbladder yesterday here are the new albums available for purchase today. You see it's the cycle of life. Gallbladders give up their lives everyday so they can make vinyl records. It's science, and it's factual. It's factual science.

Alain Johannes: Spark [mp3]
Alex Chilton: Like Flies on Sherbert (vinyl reissue)
Allo Darlin: Allo Darlin [mp3] [vinyl]
Amusement Parks on Fire: Road Eyes [mp3]
The Avett Brothers: Live, Volume 3 [mp3] [dvd]
Black Country Communion: Black Country Communion [vinyl]
Bonjay: Broughtupsy
Bright Light Bright Light: Love Part II
Bring Me the Horizon: There Is a Hell Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven Lets Keep It a Secret
British Sea Power: Zeus EP
Bruno Mars: Doo - Wops & Hooligans [mp3]
Cheap Time: Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) [mp3] [vinyl]
Clinic: Bubblegum [mp3]
Corin Tucker Band: 1,000 Years [mp3] [vinyl]
Dark Dark Dark: Wild Go [mp3]
David Bowie: Outside/Heathen (reissue)
David Gray: Foundling [vinyl]
Demon's Claws: Defrosting of Walt Disney's Head [mp3] [vinyl]
Devon Sproule: Live in London
Donavon Frankenreiter: Glow [mp3]
The Duke & the King: Long Live the Duke & the King
Dungen: Skit I Allt [vinyl]
Dustin Wong: Infinite Love [vinyl]
Elizabeth Mitchell: Sunny Day [mp3]
Engineers: In Praise of More
Finger Eleven: Life Turns Electric [mp3]
Fistful of Mercy: As I Call You Down [mp3]
Fran Healy: Wreckorder [mp3] [vinyl]'
The Gay Blades: Savages [mp3]
Gonjasufi: Caliph's Tea Party [mp3] [vinyl]
Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords: Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords [mp3]
Guster: Easy Wonderful [mp3] [vinyl]
John Lennon: Double Fantasy Stripped Down (New Mix + Original Recording Remastered) [mp3]
John Lennon: Gimme Some Truth (4-CD box set of remastered songs) [mp3]
John Lennon: Imagine (remastered) [mp3]
John Lennon: Milk And Honey (remastered) [mp3]
John Lennon: Mind Games (remastered) [mp3]
John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band (remastered) [mp3]
John Lennon: Power To The People: The Hits [cd & dvd] [mp3]
John Lennon: Rock 'N' Roll (remastered) [mp3]
John Lennon: Signature Box (11-CD box set) [mp3]
John Lennon: Sometime In New York City (remastered) [mp3]
John Lennon: Walls And Bridges (remastered) [mp3]
John Mayer: Battle Studies (CD/DVD Expanded Edition)
Kate Rusby: Sweet Bells (reissue)
KT Tunstall: Tiger Suit [cd & dvd] [mp3]
Legendary Pink Dots: Seconds Late for The Brighton Line [mp3]
Leland Sundries: The Apothecary EP [mp3]
Marnie Stern: Marnie Stern [mp3] [vinyl]
Miles Davis: Live Evil (reissue)
Morrissey: Everyday Is Like Sunday (reissue)
Olympus: Bold Mould [mp3]
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: History of Modern [vinyl]
Pancake Breakfast: Pancake Breakfast [mp3]
Passions Just Like Mine: Morrissey And Fan Culture [dvd]
PS I Love You: Meet Me at the Muster Station [mp3] [vinyl]
The Puppini Sisters: Christmas With the Puppini Sisters
Raul Malo: Sinners & Saints [mp3]
Royal Baths: Litanies [mp3] [vinyl]
Soars: Soars [mp3]
Soft Landing: Soft Landing [vinyl]
Solar Bears: She Was Coloured In [mp3] [vinyl]
Stimulators: Loud Fast Rules!
Sun Araw: Off Duty [mp3] [mp3]
Tim Kasher: The Game of Monogamy [mp3]
Tricky: Mixed Race [mp3]
White Hills: Stolen Stars Left For No OneWow & Flutter: Hearts on Hold (vinyl reissue)
Wu-Tang Saga [dvd]