Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kinch & Gospel Claws News... Etc...

Want some news on two of Phoenix's best bands? Do you want them all in one post? Do you want vague facts? Do you want links to verify those facts? Well then you came to the somewhat right place. I will give you news, that may or may not contain facts, only time will tell...


They are going on tour, a tour that will include SXSW shows in Austin. They have a new single that has something to do with sails or something ;-)

Kinch: Once, I Was A Mainsail

It's from their upcoming new album The Incandenza, an album that will certainly be awesome, an album that should be sent to me post haste.

Tour Dates
03.09 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
03.10 - Denver, CO - The Marquis Theatre
03.11 - Merriam, KS - Aftershock
03.12 - Tulsa, OK - The Marquee
03.13 - Dallas, TX - The Door
03.14 - Little Rock, AR - Juanita's Cantina Ballroom
03.16 - Austin, TX - The Jackalope^
03.16 - Austin, TX - Gear Expo Alley*
03.18 - Austin, TX - Soho Lounge#
03.19 - Austin, TX - The Velveeta Room
04.30 - Phoenix, AZ - McDowell Mountain Music Festival

*Team Clermont Speed Set
^ Day Party
#Common Wall, Modern Art Records, Once In A Row Mgmt, David Jacobs Day Party


They are not going on a tour, but they ARE headed to Austin for a few SXSW dates. and they also have a new video for their great song "Summer Nights Lakeside" off their critically lauded C-L-A-W-S. They also have a newly recorded song called "I Can, I Will"... I also hope we are still on "hugging terms", text me!

Gospel Claws: I Can, I Will

As may have heard with your own ears... pretty great!

2011 SXSW Performances:
03.16 - Austin, TX - The Jackalope^
03.17 - Austin, TX - Easy Tiger Patio*
03.18 - Austin, TX - Soho Lounge#

There is probably a lot more I could say but this should be a good place for you to start I guess.

Gospel Claws