Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Hollis Brown Songs

I sorta like Hollis Brown. I am not sure if Hollis Brown is a person named Hollis Brown OR a band called Hollis Brown. I assure that by the time I am done writing this I will find out though. In the meantime let's talk about that album cover... it's like an old picture that was stuck inside of a photo album then ripped out tearing off the part of the picture showing the kids face, how clever.

Oh and it looks like it's just a band of people names Mike, Mike, Mike and Jon (thanks myspace), but there is a Bob Dylan song called Ballad of Hollis Brown, so I bet that is where they got the name (via research).

They kind of sound like The Black Crowes, but interestingly don't list The Black Crowes under "Influences" on the previously mentioned myspace page (via research). I bet that is because they KNOW they sound a lot like The Black Crowes and don't want to bring to much attention to it, how clever.

"When The Weather's Warm" Sampler by HollisBrown