Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten and Six "Bedside Regiments"

So this video showed up on my doorstep like a small baby. I just cried to be heard (fart noises). So I listened to AND watched it. I think it's good. It starts of a little slow but builds up well. It was uploaded awhile ago, like two years ago. So I guess that makes it a toddler in it's terrible two's. No wonder it was crying so much (baby jokes = fart noises too).

But all poorly written jokes aside. Ten and Six are better than their name. I don't like their name, they should totally change it to something more catchy. Could be the reason why their video has 417 views in two years. I usually am Johnny on the Spot with awesome band names but this time... total mind snart. Oh wait, thats a good one ;-)