Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chop Chop Is Out Of This World

Chop Chop is apparently just "Catherine Cavanagh and some space dust of an unknown extraterrestrial origin"* That is obviously silly sounding but also possibly true. Who am I to say that a human person and space dust can't form a band and make a "rock-and-roll space opera" together? Who do you think I am? Stephen Hawking? David Bowie? Check out a couple Chop Chop tracks from her their not yet released album Spark out April 26th

I wonder if Chop Chop has ever met the Slap Chop guy?

Chop Chop - Victory by chopchopmusic

Chop Chop - Above The Earth by chopchopmusic

*Upon receiving further information it turns out that space dust of an unknown extraterrestrial origin is in fact the rest of the band, Jason Tajima and Justin Alabart.