Thursday, March 3, 2011

Disco Doom Might Possibly Melt Your Face Off

I mean come on man! Just listen to this song and tell me that your face isn't at least slightly more Velveetaesque! All we need are some Tostitos and jalapeno rings (on your face OR my face) and There Will Be Nachos.

Granted, Disco Doom play the type of music that some people may find a little abrasive at times. But all good face melting music does that.

But guess what else? They also make really good mellow type songs, ones that will help you get over the melting of your face. PERFECT!

Their new album Trux Reverb comes out in physical form 3/15 on (Static Cult Label) but you can buy it digitally now HERE.

In addition to the already massive amounts of Disco Doom knowledge I have already blessed you with, let it be known that they are playing at the Rogue Bar on April 5th.