Thursday, March 3, 2011

MTV's 31 Day Of Indie, Probably Is The End Of Things As We Know It

I am not sure if this is in direct response to Arcade Fire winning that Grammy contest or not, but apparently MTV is "Celebrating Indie in March". They are premiering 31 different videos each and every day. If I was in charge of this I would have premiered 31 videos on March 1st and then NOTHING for the next 30 days. I like to mess with people's minds.

I am not exactly sure what they are defining as "indie"... cuz the second video (of 31) is some white rapper called Wallpaper from Oakland. The video is cool, it's like Lastnightsparty meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The song on the other hand... not that great, not terrible, but not that good. I went to his Facebook page and unfortunately the other songs are kinda terrible.

So to recap, MTV is two days into "celebrating indie" and they are already only 50/50. So I guess this is just another token gesture aimed at the "newest thing" but fortunately I don't think we will be seeing the members of Tennis on Road Rules any time soon. But then again, the artist of the week is Cults... wtf is going on here?