Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Bon Iver - "Untitled"

Wow, this week really can't get much better. In addition to seeing Arcade Fire last night put on one of the most incredible shows I've ever seen, I wake up this morning to find out that there is new Bon Iver music floating around in the interwebs. If you go to Bon Iver's website you'll find a video embedded with a 51 second preview of a new Bon Iver song. The video is simply listed as 'untitled' so I don't know what the name of this song is or if it's actually just titled "Untitled." Regardless, I'm just happy to get a preview of the new album. The new material, although a bit too brief for me, sounds good but isn't enough to get a real good sense of the song.

According to a recent Rolling Stone article Bon Iver's currently untitled album will be out in June. You can bet that I will be keeping you guys up to date on all the latest with this record.