Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vadoinmessico "Curling Up Your Spine"

...oh ha ha ha that IS a funny story Marcus! Marcus Allen you ALWAYS have the best boating stories! What? Who is behind me? Oh hi there, I didn't hear you come in. How are you doing? I was just talking to my friend Marcus Allen about his last boat trip, apparently there was an incident with border patrol, some underage male models and a shit ton of lobsters! Oh that guy is the best, lol!

Oh right sorry, you came over to watch that video from Vadoinmessico. Well there it is up there on the screen. Have a great time. Do you need anything else? A Diet Dr. Pepper or something? No? Ok... I am going to be up in my study with Mr. Allen, I mean Marcus... he is using my computer to look up "missed connections" on Craigslist and will probably need help logging into his gmail again. You would think he would remember his password, it's touchdown for heck sake.