Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon, Bill Ryder-Jones "DESIRE"

Rad video, the song is ok I guess. But the video is way better than the song. Not that you were asking this but for the record I am 100% behind corporate sponsorship of the arts... I read some comment somewhere in defense of this sort of thing. Said something to the effect of "think of the bands as renaissance artists and the corporations as their benefactors".

Who gives a shit if Converse paid for this video etc... I like Converse, I have some on right now. In fact if Converse wants to pay me to somehow work their product into all of my posts I would jump at that like a basketball player wearing a new pair of Converse "Sicks" dunking over a player wearing a pair of shoes that were not made by Converse... or it's parent company Nike.