Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cursive | "From The Hips" (MP3)

I have to admit I'm not all to familiar with the band Cursive. But here is what I do know: they have a new album coming out soon called Mama, I'm Swollen and they are offering up the song "From The Hips" as a free download here. From those two things I have concluded that the song "From The Hips" is very very good and the album title Mama, I'm Swollen is in the lead for favorite album title of the year.

Cursive-"From The Hips"

The album Mama, I'm Swollen will be available on March 10th from Saddle Creek.

[via: MBV]


Joey said...

It's a good song, I had an album of Cursive a while back...haven't stayed up with them. Digging the song though!

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