Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tonight In Phoenix: The Morning Benders, Mini T's & The Delta Mirror OR Ten High Tuesday At Yucca

Oh shit this show is going to be huge! I can't even believe there are still tickets available. I would buy them online or get there super early, I doubt this won't sell out. I love hyperbole! But really it IS going to be pretty huge and probably will sell out. I don't think I have been to a Mini T's show that wasn't, add The Morning Benders and The Delta Mirror two of the blogbuzziest bands around and it's a recipe for a good time.

But if this just isn't your bag there IS an alternative... Yucca Tap Room has a pretty great lineup tonight that might float your boat. Mini Mansions, Matthew Reveles, DJ Babynose and Sister Cities, and it's free so that's good, and also Mini Mansions is the band of Queens of the Stoneage bass player Michael "Mikey Shoes" Shuman. If the other thing wasn't going on I would be here for sure.