Friday, March 5, 2010

Tonight In Scottsdale: Dear And The Headlights/Kinch/Black Carl/ The Love Me Nots/Gospel Claws

There is such a large/robust/intimidating amount of things going on tonight in The Valley it's really blowing my mind open like jar of Ragu on spaghetti night at the homeless shelter. So much do I might just have to stay at home and cry. We can go to the Flying Blanket Recording show at Martini Ranch featuring Kinch, Dear & the Headlights, The Love Me Nots, Black Carl, Gospel Claws and Sister Cities. Or we could go to the Compound Grill for some Dry River Yacht Club. ORRRR head downtown to Holgas to see Dearspeak with Fatigo and Thankful Birds for a free show that's part of First Friday. Oh shit it’s First Friday ANOTHER thing to add to the list that could take up your whole night all by itself!

What I am I going to do you ask, so you can avoid me probably. Well I am going to break my vow of never going to Marini Ranch ever again because it's going to be worth it. The last time I went there I saw a dude throw a bick through the back window of a Cadillac for taking up two spaces. Fingers crossed tonight it will be even MORE exciting!

As a side note we have a new commenting system that is pretty cool. You can reply to other peoples comments, up OR down vote, have avatars etc... We hope it will inspire some more "ElectricMustache Community Spirit" if you know what I mean.  I am also going to mention it in every post till people start leaving comments telling me to stop mentioning that people should leave comments.