Thursday, April 29, 2010

mp3: Sleigh Bells "Tell ‘Em"

I have been waiting for new Sleigh Bells songs for months now and my power dreams came true on my way home last night when I heard "Tell 'Em" on the radio. Unfortunately (for you not me) I was super so wrapped up in reading the end of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo that I forgot to post it when I got home. But I am pretty sure you are all used to us being a day late and at least $20 short.

Sleigh Bells - "Tell 'Em"

The new song really shows what they can do with a proper studio and some of M.I.A.'s cash. It almost hurts to listen to it's so good (god that was dumb), if you don't listen to it NOW I will come to your house and make you clean under your fridge.

Their new album Treats is set to come out May 11th and here is the track list.

01 “Tell ‘Em”
02 “Kids”
03 “Riot Rhythm”
04 “Infinity Guitars”
05 “Run The Heart”
06 “Rachel”
07 “Rill Rill”
08 “Crown On The Ground”
09 “Straight A’s”
10 “A/B Machines”
11 “Treats”