Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WTF Is Wrong With XIU XIU?

OK... so let me preface this by saying that I really like Xiu Xiu but I think there may be something a little effed up in their brains, but also know that I am totally allright with all of this and think it's pretty awesome except for one thing... And I will get to that one thing in a second.

You may recall a few months ago Xiu Xiu's new album Dear God I Hate Myself was available for purchase in a limited edition vinyl set that included a t-shirt saying "Xiu Xiu for life" written in human blood. That's pretty weird, and it's also pretty weird that they send out a message saying that there wasn't going to be as many shirts available because it was taking way more human blood to make the shirts than they initially thought, you know, normal fashion design problem, happens all the time. Must have used REALLY absorbent t-shirts. Well fast forward to an email I just got from the band...

During this tour, Xiu Xiu will be giving away a special package (one per show) containing a Xiu Xiu comb and sticker pack to the first person at every show who brings them a lock of their hair taped to a card with their name on it. When they return home from tour, they’ll make a video lighting each lock of hair on fire while saying the persons name and inhaling the smoke.

WTF? WHAT THE FUCK? Why the shit would you inhale someones burning hair smoke? Jesus Christ that is just wrong! I am OK with human blood t-shirts, collecting locks of peoples hair and just about any other weird shit crazy fucked up rock starts think of but inhaling the smoke of burnt hair is "crossing the line" of acceptable behavior. I am pretty stoked to see the video though. I will prob throw up in my mouth a little but that's cool right?

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