Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tonight In The Valley: Erykah Badu with Janelle Monae | Grupo Fantasma with Bata Ire

Solid choices tonight folks, I am probably just going to stay at home and sleep off my 3am'er last night (editing pictures not anything fun). I would love to go to either of these shows though... but like I said, probably not going to. But I would like to. Just not going to... probably.

Erykah Badu at The Marquee with Big Boi's protegé Janelle Monae, they are both so hot right now, so so hot. Tickets are pricey at $45 but I think totally worth it. Janelle Monae is poised to be HUGE in the next year, $45 is a pretty good price for "I saw her open for Erykah Badu" bragging rights.

Grupo Fantasma and Bata Ire are a hell of a lot cheaper at $15, plus it's a 21+ show at The Rhythm Room so that means you can take your drinks outside... a rare treat not to be missed (note to Rhythm Room, put a fucking patio on the other side of the building please. Even if it's just a door and a temporary barricade or something, those all ages shows are brutal!)