Monday, July 12, 2010

Ariel Pink Coming To Tucson... Twice! No Phx WTF?

Apparently the boycott of Arizona doesn't include Tucson, or Flagstaff for that matter.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti are going on a pretty huge tour that takes them all over the U.S. from July up through Oct. They are even going to come to our dirty racist state... twice! Just both times will be in Tucson, Aug 5th at Plush and again on Sept 12 at Club Congress. WTF Ariel Pink?

Dr. Dog also just announced another tour, and the closest they are coming to Phoenix is Flagstaff. In November no less! Who the hell want's to go to Flagstaff in November over Phoenix?

So either Phoenix has become the sole embodiment of SB1070 and our smaller cities get a pass for being "progressive college towns" or something else more (or even less) sinister is going on.

If only someone that had any idea of what is going on would leave a comment letting us know.

Here is a list of other bands only playing in Tucson... I left some others OFF the list because they just played here in the last few month IE Tallest Man on Earth & David Bazan:

Tokyo Police Club
The Walkmen they were playing here the whole time, my bad.
School of Seven Bells
Matt Costa
Of Montreal

While some people might tend to be be more optimistic and say "Sure THOSE bands aren't coming but there are a whole bunch of other ones that ARE!", to those people I say "We are the 4th or 5th biggest city in the country, if a band can play in Flagstaff or Tucson they can make there way here too. Nobody would play Bakersfield and not play L.A. right?"

I also understand that there are sometimes venue scheduling conflicts and it might not have anything to do with the bands not wanting to play here. But that doesn't piss me off any less :-(