Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend In The Valley: Kinch, Built To Spill, Holy Rolling Empire, Bully Mammoth, Ladylike, Melted Cassettes

Here is a fabulous breakdown of WTF is going on this weekend. Your welcome for it all!


Holy Rolling Empire at Long Wong's at the Firehouse in Tempe AND they are also playing at the Hard Rock Cafe with Captain Squeegee at 8pm. Not sure what one is first and they might not even be playing at Long Wong's at all for all I know. It says so on but nowhere else.

On Long Wong's site it says that Underground Cities are playing tonight


Kinch returns from their latest tour with a celebration/blow out/mind fucking extraordinaire at the Rogue Bar at 8pm

Seeing Built to Spill would be awesome. Giving good money to Kings of Leon for the privilege... not so much. Especially when it's OUTSIDE at Cricket Pavilion. But if you got the cash to spare and you just leave when they are done AND don't mine the heat... go for it! Then you can just fly to the Rogue Bar in your golden helicopter... Richie Rich.

Ladylike and some bands I have never heard of are playing the Sail Inn at 7pm

Former Friends of Young Americans and friends are going to be at the Trunk Space, if they can fit their whole name in there that is.

Xrin Arms and Melted Cassettes with be at/in the Dressing Room, it's free but you are supposed to tip them I guess. But I would only tip them if it's good.

I think that I need a break from music for a night so I am either going to take a bunch of Lunesta and pass out around 4pm OR go see the sketch comedy styling of Bully Mammoth at Space 55


A bunch of crap including Chamber Music, you can read about on Silver Platter ;-)